Dear Real Estate Investor,

Have you been wanting to find a way into
Non-Performing Notes Opportunities?

But haven’t been able to find a source for quality notes?

We understand your frustration.

In fact, to be honest, We’ve been part of the problem!

As a manager of a $70M+ hedge fund consisting of Distressed Notes,
we’ve been hesitant to release notes to ‘smaller’ buyers.

Why? Here’s been our dilemma.
If we sell the notes, in some instances, the new note owners
don’t seem equipped to handle the process.

So, we end up with more questions than the sale was worth.
It was simpler and more cost efficient
for us to process the notes ourselves.

We don’t want to waste your time and bore you with a long sales letter.
Let’s get down to the point shall we?

We KNOW how to solve both of our problems.
In a word… Training.

So, finally, we are ready to offer some of our notes to you!

There is a catch… you have to attend some great training.

Upon completion of the training you will be given access to
a private auction of Non-Performing Notes (only for attendees).

Open The Vault

In this workshop, you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work
(we know because we use them)



Bill Bymel

Many of you know Bill. Co-Founder & President of RSI Asset Management. He’s been a leader in the Non-Performing Notes business. As the manager of a 70M+ hedge fund, he has a proven track record with impressive Returns On Investment. He will be sharing his techniques, industry knowledge, and processes of how to properly purchase Non-Performing Notes and what to do with it once you own them.


Jennifer Cunha

Many of you know Jennifer. She’s a real estate attorney with intimate knowledge of Foreclosure processing and Landlord/Tenant Law. She’s been conducting training sessions for Real Estate Agencies, always with rave reviews. Her trainings include her many experiences, case studies, and are always entertaining and informative.